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Learn how to solve big problems and test new ideas in four days

Take our design sprint workshops, and join a community of wicked problem-solvers.

How will design sprints help you remain competitive?

Many organizations, companies, and ecosystems of change face difficult questions when launching big ideas. Some of these questions include: Where to put your focus, time, and money? What will your idea actually look like? How do you start building your idea? How can you minimize the number of meetings and decisions, before knowing you're going in the right direction?

Design sprints help you answer these critical business questions through radical collaboration, rapid prototyping, and human-centered strategies. They are a flexible, time-boxed problem-solving framework that increases the chances of making something people want. What you get is a process that ignites innovation, empathy, and teamwork to turn ideas into action faster.

Workshops that are NOT just for designers

This process can be used by anyone who works on projects, products, and services that are difficult to solve. If you're a project manager, consultant, designer, freelancer, engineer, business strategist, or student who wants to gain practical and marketable skills - then this workshop is for you.

What you'll learn

  • How to quickly launch an idea, and learn from users.

  • How to come up with a ton of solutions to business challenges.

  • How to shorten the time it takes to roll out a program, product or service - from months to days.

  • How to create an idea that looks and feels real so that you can test them quickly with real users.

  • How to decide what to build and test under time constraints.

  • How to prototype quickly, using storyboards.

  • How to run usability tests to validate and iterate on your prototype.

  • The tools, tips, and techniques to to build high-fidelity prototypes.

We jumped right into the material, which I appreciated since there was a lot to cover and I was eager to learn. What I liked most is that it was incredibly interactive, well-thought out, and informational. I was able to ask questions, and learn by going through the exercises themselves. I can see how design sprints can help you kick-start a project, and the templates and tips they gave us in the end make it that much easier for me to take what I learned back to work.

Alison Dixon, Director of Fundraising at Rebuild for Peace

Ways you can use these techniques

  • Web and digital product design

  • Creating and testing business ideas

  • Developing fundraising initiatives

  • Testing your branding and messaging for advocacy campaigns

  • Figuring out how to solve logistical challenges

  • Anything related to product or service design, or innovative projects

What you'll get out of our workshops

  • A hands-on, fun, immersive experience to learn by doing.

  • Tools and techniques that you can apply right away.

  • Templates you can use to run your own design sprints at work.

  • A dynamic network of problem solvers that are making an impact.

Why take a design sprint workshop from us?

We're practitioners with diverse backgrounds

Create& is a design strategy firm that uses design sprints to build ecosystems of change launch big ideas. We have experience in product management and design, political campaigns and advocacy, program development, and fundraising. We understand the constraints that many of you face in your organizations, when trying to start something new or improve on an existing idea - we've been there. Our workshops are designed with all of this in mind, so that you can be successful in your career.

Get connected to other dynamic problem solvers

We co-founded Unleaded, a design sprint meetup in the Washington D.C. metro area to bring together students, makers, and creatives to crowdsource ideas to wicked problems. We work with local stakeholders and run mini design sprints in just a few hours to help come up with tangible solutions. It's a space where you can network without feeling awkward, and practice design thinking skills to take back with you into your job.

Learn by doing, in a welcoming environment

We not only teach the core design sprint principles, created by Google Ventures, but incorporate other influences. Some of these include service design to understand front and back stage actions, IDEO's design thinking framework, equity-centered design to address bias and power dynamics as "designers", improv to help us get into the right mindset, and elements of Jazz and Martial Arts theories to explore creativity and ideation. We also strive to create a learning environment that is welcoming of all levels, perspectives, and backgrounds.

“Without a doubt this has been the most useful and engaging design thinking workshop I have been to in DC — and an amazing place to meet like-minded people and see how they work. Unpretentious, welcoming, well-organized, and fun.”

- Melanie Harker, Designer & Workshop Participant

Ready to sign up? 

Check out our list of workshops, community design sprints, and events you can take part in to expand your professional skill sets and grow your network.

One-Day Design Sprint Bootcamp

Get an overview of the 5-step framework in one day, and get a taste of the design sprint fundamentals. 

Six-Week Course on Design Sprints

This is a six-week course, held on Saturdays, where students can get a deep dive into the fundamentals of design sprints.

Take Part in a Community Design Sprint

Put your design sprint skills to use for a good cause. We run design sprints for local nonprofits and startups.

Be a Part of Our Design Sprint Meetup

Unleaded is a meetup for design thinkers, based in the Washington D.C. metro area. Network and have fun! All levels welcome.

Still not sure?

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