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We train future makers, and work with ecosystems of change to create endless possibilities

Our Story

As the children of immigrant parents who started businesses in the U.S., we believe in the power of the American Dream. We witnessed first-hand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and the grit and tenacity needed to succeed. Access to the American Dream through entrepreneurship is key to economic growth and prosperity, both in the U.S. and globally. Yet, access is not a given.

For us, we sought the American Dream through education and social good. While we were influenced by our parents to pursue entrepreneurship, our time in community college was our launching pad. While there, we accessed opportunities to leverage our social entrepreneurial mind-set: Maia as a founding member, mentor, and advisor for Latino Empowerment at DeAnza (LEAD); and Gabe as a Student Senator, President and Co-Founder of Latinos Unidos, and Nominated Member of the American Student Association of Community Colleges at the College of San Mateo.


From there, we went on to receive undergraduate and professional degrees from UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, and American University. We continued the work we started in community college, by pursuing careers in the public and humanitarian sectors. We gained experience at local, state, and national levels, on issues like human trafficking, civic engagement, higher education, and immigrant rights. Through it all, the common thread has been our desire to launch big ideas that make an impact, and represent the communities we come from.

Unfortunately, many of the leading ideas in today's economy do not reflect the breadth of diversity of the American people. The neglect of under-served communities experiences in the product development process, means that their needs are omitted in the final outcome. As such, there is huge untapped potential for service design, business and technology solutions to address the needs of 80% of the U.S. population (women, people of color, or both) who have a combined buying power of $3.4 trillion (which is projected to increase exponentially over the next few years).


For this reason, we are driven to educate and empower the next generation of problem solvers who will be tackling these challenges. We're dedicated to designing ecosystems of change, particularly those communities serving the needs of "the 80%". Such ecosystems are particularly well-suited to provide these solutions, because they too are often the ones who represent "the 80%". 

Our problem solving framework acknowledges the values and constraints of our constituencies, the ventures we work with and the individuals we seek to train, and helps them build empathy for users, design strategic implementation plans, and clear pathways to success - and the American Dream.

Our team

We are creative problem solvers, business strategists, program managers, and tenacious fundraisers. We teach future leaders, and take on projects that positively impact future generations.

What We Do

We are an innovation strategy firm that uses design sprints (a creative problem-solving framework) to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and community institutions design ecosystems of change that launch big ideas and solve their most wicked problems. We also train future makers in the design sprint framework, so that they can apply entrepreneurial skills and innovation to solve big problems and test new ideas, quickly.

Our Services

  • We conduct Design Sprints for businesses, organizations, and individuals to solve difficult business problems quickly.

  • We conduct research on your users to help you build empathy for their motivations and decisions.

  • We facilitate brainstorming and ideation workshops.

  • We work with diverse teams to build rapid prototypes that we validate with their users.

  • We work with community leaders and organizations to pull together resources that empower ecosystems of change.

  • We help clients design and refine presentations to pitch to investors, and assist with their overall pitch strategy.

  • We help with brand messaging and content creation.

  • We provide white glove service.

  • We help you find the secret sauce to launch your big idea.

I'm in the process of launching my own company, called Pulse House, which provides an authentic and holistic space for people to take care of their mind, body, and spirit. There were a lot of uncertainties about how I wanted to communicate our brand to our target customers, so my team ran a design sprint with Create&. We found their process approachable, engaging, and fun! The exercises we went through really stimulated our creative juices and led to sharing of new ideas - all of which allowed us to more clearly define our brand and next steps. I highly recommend working with Create& to leaders at any level of any organization, as their team will help you refine and refocus your strategy to optimize resources.

Shafer Minnick, CEO and Founder

Pulse House

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