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We use design sprints to build diverse ecosystems of change

A design sprint is a flexible, time-boxed problem-solving framework that increases the chances of making something people want. What you get is a process that ignites innovation, empathy, and teamwork to turn ideas into action faster.


At Create&, we've refined this framework - originally inspired by Google Ventures and IDEO- to include service design, equity-centered design principles, improv, and theories of Jazz and Martial Arts. Our goal is to launch big ideas that represent the breadth of diversity of the American people and the globalized world we live in.






What we do during each phase of the design sprint

Phase 1: Understand

  • Who are the users?

  • What are their needs, motivations, frustrations?

  • What is the context?

  • Competitor audit

  • Define business objectives and success metrics

Phase 2: Diverge

  • Develop as many ideas as possible, withholding judgement

  • Envision possibilities

  • Ideate solutions

Phase 3: Decide

  • Choose the best idea to prototype

  • Storyboard the idea

Phase 4: Build

  • Build someone quickly to show users (it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to look and feel real)

  • Focus on usability, not on making it look pretty

Phase 5: Validate

  • Show your prototype to real users outside of the organization

  • Learn from feedback, what worked? what didn't work?

  • Improve your design and craft next steps for implementation

Want more?

Learn our process 

We teach bootcamps, organize community design sprints, and run a design sprint meetup in Washington D.C.

Work with our team

If you have a big problem to solve, we can facilitate a design sprint for you. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to get started.

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