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In the spirit of interconnectedness among creatives & believers in the power of ethical co-creation, we present to you a (virtual) community called, POP UP! DESIGN SPRINT LAB (POP UP!)* -- an immersive meetup to be creative and do good.
  • Reimagine solutions using the elements and innovation principles of Create&’s Design Sprint methodology, human-centered design, inclusive community-building, and art installations.
  • Dialogue and garner new perspectives on social issues with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Build virtual facilitation, collaboration, and co-creation skills.
  • Increase knowledge about important social issues and drive action to address them.
  • Help you imagine new ideas and possibilities.
Why participate?



Event Description

For our next lab,  we will gather to collectively unpack and explore our bias blind spots and come up with tangible solutions to recognize them moving forward.

The Problem:

Research shows that we operate 95-99% of our lives from our subconscious minds. This includes involuntary actions like breathing, heart pumping, and digestion. The subconscious mind also includes unconscious biases, which develop in humans to help us quickly make sense of a complex world. However, unconscious bias can lead to actions that negatively impact others, such as biases related to race, gender, culture, age and religion. 


In addition to our unconscious biases, joint researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the City University London, Boston University and the University of Colorado, Boulder published a study that shows we have a “bias blind spot”, meaning that we are less likely to detect biases in ourselves than others. Not being able to admit this has detrimental consequences on judgments and behaviors, such as accurately judging whether advice is useful. If we don’t make the effort to acknowledge our biases, they can manifest themselves into our decision-making and design. Unconscious biases exist for all of us, including decision-makers and designers. When we don’t test and acknowledge those biases, many of our products and services can miss the mark. This can result in problematic and non-inclusive solutions. 


As creative designers and POP UP! organizers, we believe it’s our responsibility to continuously acknowledge and work to overcome the bias blind spots we hold.


Join us to collectively unpack and explore our bias blind spots and come up with tangible solutions to recognize them moving forward. You’ll leave with a mindset that you can implement in your own individual work or practice.

Event ticket proceeds will be donated to: AIGA


  • Interact w/exhibits


  • Kick-off/Welcome


  • Icebreaker


  • Break


  • Group Formation


  • Group Activities


  • Break


  • Share Out


  • End of Sprint!

Meet the team


Tara Pokras

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Tara Pokras is interested in using design thinking and creative problem solving to uncover new solutions to social impact issues. She is a global health professional with over 8 years of experience in project management, development and implementation in the nonprofit, public sector and social enterprise spaces. She has dedicated much of her life to cultivating leaders, managing interdisciplinary teams, and developing organizations across a wide variety of issue areas. 

During her tenure she designed, prototyped, and scaled two new hospital programs. In addition, Tara is the founder of Period Portraits a project grounded in design thinking theories, breaking down the stigma of menstruation through vulnerable storytelling and empowering photographed portraits.


Keara Cormier-Hill 

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Keara  is a native Texan living back home in Houston after years living in D.C., Boston, and Latin America. She is currently a UX Researcher who approaches design research with 10+ years of non-profit programming, teaching, and counseling experience.  In whatever role she does, she hopes to find solutions that are responsive to a diverse array of hopes and needs. When she is not at work, Keara loves running, dancing, learning new languages, and seeing new places.


Valerie Echeveste

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Valerie is passionate about using design methodologies to re-design social service systems with equity and history in mind. During her career so far, she has worked with community health programs, at social service and health nonprofits, and for Congressman Ed Pastor (AZ-7) in the US House of Representatives. Her dedication to helping others is rooted in the example of her Mexican-American family members, who have worked to improve the lives of under-resourced communities for generations. Currently, she is the Evaluation Manager at a community mental health clinic in Brooklyn, NY.


Gabe Arteaga

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Gabe is committed to designing ecosystems of change and training future makers. He is the Co-Founder of Create&, an innovation strategy firm that uses augmented and immersive experiences to empower people to solve difficult problems using Design Sprints. He enjoys creating spaces for individuals to learn, explore and create. Running is my Jam, what about you?

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