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Business Development Intern

Create& is looking for a biz dev + impact investing intern, located near the Washington D.C. metro area and/or able to work remotely.

When Create& clients need to launch big ideas, they come to us to solidify their business strategy, utilize principles of human-centered design, and raise capital through impact investing. We’re a small boutique firm that is passionate about using design strategy to help overlooked and undervalued ventures do the impossible and make a meaningful impact. We’re also deeply committed to increasing diversity in the design field, because solving wicked problems is hard enough when you reference one way of thinking.   

The most important characteristic of our team is that we care about making an impact. We love working with people who feel the same way, and who understand the importance of using human-centered design to solve difficult problems.

A biz dev + impact investing intern not only embodies these values, but they’re also deeply curious about finding out what makes people tick; have a list of ideas they want to pitch on Shark Tank; know how to play on a team; are comfortable being uncomfortable; and have the confidence and the guts to figure out how to do things impeccably - even if they don’t know what they’re doing.

​You’re good at:

  • Creative problem-solving

  • Attention to detail

  • Being a self-starter

  • Creating amazing presentations with information that helps people make decisions

  • Being a data wizard and using Excel (or something like it)

  • Knowing how to hustle to get a job done, on time and perfectly executed

Brownie points:

  • Google Analytics and data analysis

  • Familiarity and experience crafting and using a CRM tool and strategy

  • Fundraising and/or campaign experience

  • Creating business plans, interning in an agency

  • Design thinking

  • You like the New Orleans Saints (yeah we’re located in DC, but we’re proud members of Who Dat Nation)

If this sounds like you, then what are you waiting for?!  Apply today!

How long is the Internship Program?

We accept rolling applications, but note that we follow the college schedule for the Summer, Fall, Winter/Spring Internship Program. College students are strongly encouraged to apply, and can use their time with us for school credit.

Email us your resume and a cover letter. If you don’t fit the bill, but know someone who does, please send them this link. Thanks!

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